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tv   Iowa In Focus  CBS  November 1, 2015 10:30am-11:00am CST

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the campaign trail and in the news.that process starts with the barnstorm. barnstorm. almost a monththo the day after speaker of the house john boehner resigned -- republicans finally picked his replacement. wisconsin representative paul ryan was nominated by his party wednesday -- and voted ininy the house on thursday.he was initialy dragged into the position after saying being chairman of the ways and means committee was his dream job.he said that he'd run for speaker because he thought he had to step up in a time when the party needed leadership. "the house is broken. we're not solving problems. we're adding to them and i am not interested in laying blame. we are not settling scores. we are wiping the slate clean." clean."coming up later in iowa in focus -- we take a much closer look the dividied republican house thth speaker ryan isisaking over. outgoing speaker john boehner took care of one hot-button issue -- funding the government. government.the house passed the bill on wednesday --
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raising the debt cieling for two years -- the senate passed it early friday doesn't competely avoid a potential government shutdown before the year is over -- but it keeps the united states from defaulting on its financial obligations. we ahve known for months that this day was coming. and yet this backroom deal was crafted to rack up more spending and debt without regard for the future. future.all the republican representatives from iowa voted agagnst the d dl. democrat dave loebsack voted for it because he said avoiding default was the right thing to do -- but he also didn't like how it was written behind closed doors. on the campaign trail on the campaign trail -- there's a new leader in many o othe publican polls in ioio and now -- across the nation. ben carson passed donald trump in a national c-b-s -- new york times poll a few days after passing him in monmouth's him in monmouth's iowpoll.trump admitted he was susurised and said i imeans he'll have t t work harder -- but he also lashed out at carson. "by the way, carson is lower energy than bush. i don't get it!" it!"the c-b-s and new york
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times poll says carson is a favovote for 26 6 rcent of rebpublican voters across the nation -- trump had 22 percent. that's within the margin of error but the first time in nths that trump wasn't at the top. the middle of the week saw all the republican candidates in colorado for their third pair of debates. debates.the early showdown had the same four candidates as last time -- bobby jindal -- rick storum -- george pataki and lindsey graham.eveveone was looking to the primetime debate for the trump and carson fireworks -- but lindsey graham got everyone warmed up early -- talking about how frustrated he is at republicans haven't won the a presidential election in eight years. "good god. look who 're running against. the number one candidate thought she and her husband were flat broke after being in the white house for eight years. the number two candidate went to the soviet union on t tir honeymoon and i don't think he ever came back. if we dont beat those people, who the hell are we gonna beat?" beat?"the candidates also talked about the spending bill that had just been passed by the house hos before their
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debate -- growing the economy anti-trust violations in a consolodating american economy. the primetime debate had plenty of fireworks too. too.the republicans on stage -- and even reince prebius -- national committee -- criticized c-n-b-c for trying to catch the candidates in trap questions and for not letting them debate the issues. but onf of the most firey exchanges happened between the two candidates from floriri. jeb bush and marco rubio had worked together before -- but bush started lecturing rubio over missing votes in the senate so that he could be on the campaign trail "he's a gifted politician but marco, when you signed up for this, this was a six year term. and you should be showing up to work. i mean literally, the senate, what is it like a french wok week? you have to show up? up?the only reason why you're doing it now is because we're running for the same position and someone convinced you that attacking me is going to help you. you.the general consensus is that rubio did pretty well in that we wait and see how that translates to his visits in iowa and if he sees
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now -- we bring in one of our political science experts to help us wade through a new speaker of the house, the challenges he faces in class notes. notes. welcome to class notes at welcome to class notes at coe college with professor bruce nesmith and if we could start off with the news of the week in the house with the speaker elections. paul ryan finally got nominated and elected on thursdayaywhat does this mean moving forward? little easier to talk about it before as opposed to afte aftetepaul ryan is teh most nationally visable person to take the office of speaker r a long time. he brings a lot of personal prestige to the office. that will have
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on the didisions within the party. how long will that last? a lot of us are sports fans and we've seen the new geniusome to town and we love him until the tete starts l ling. i think the happy senario for house republicans is that he's able to hold them together long enough until they get into the general election camagn at which point the enemy is which point election the g geral they get into the gegeral election camapign at which point the enemy is clearly the democrats and the democratic theyare in 2017. 2017.what does it mean that he tamed the freedom caucus with
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of control we didn't see from boehener at the end? end?certainly athe end but also at the beginning. boehner rode a wave to the speakership that he really had nothing to do wtih. even a differen situation thanannewt gingrich where he was one of the architects of the victory. boehner was an important player but not the architec that gingrich was and he didn't have the nanaonal reputation that ryan did. he said i will lead, i'm offering myself but the alternative is chaos. to the spendin bill. how is this boehner falling on
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ryan?it's voluntary for boehner. he could have just left. but his idea was to get the best deal that he could get done done. the deals that he's done have been pretty dood for the republican party. i think his resignation was mamae part of the deal instead of the other way around. he's made it clear he wants ryan to start with a clean slate and i think that's probably what that's and i think that's probably what most people in the party want. we see a lot of national polls -- and data from individual states that come from t-v networks -- or universities like quinnipiac, loras and monmouth just to name a few. but the university of iowa is getting in on the polling this year too. too.the hawkeye po contacted voters througho the state at the end of october -- and found that most republicans caucus-goers prefer dr. ben carson but they think donald
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trump is most likely to win the nomination.on the democratic side -- hillary clinton had a strong hold on the nomiation in the eyesesf democrats likely to caucus. what might be more interesting than the numbers the hawkeye poll came to is how they did was one big learning expereince for *students at the university of iowa. iowa. during an election cycle that has more social media engagement than ever before... before......these mimiennials are putting millennials ...these millennials are putting down their smart phones... make countless calls the old fashioned way -- trying to get 800 to a thousand people to answer around 70 questions about the presidential's part of professor fred boehmke's hawkeye poll class...teaching a bunch of political science students about the numbers side of the popotical world. world. i think they come out of it very surprised at how much they enjoyed that side of it. learning the process and the mechanicsthe students do
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everything -- making the actual calls -- interacting with voters... voters...with voters... voters...interacting actual calls -- - makininthe do everything -- making the actual calls -- interacting it's so hands on and you're not just sitting there in a classroom learning different political techniques and stuff. and writing the questions -- figuring out what to say to get a response that's usable. usable.and so other groups put their input in like, 'oh maybe we should take out these words, they could sway someone's opinion." opinion.""we looked at some of the professional polls and there were some questions on there that we didn't think were designed's a side of the campaign that few people ever see... see......but when they see professional polls on tv -- they'll be better informed about how they were created -- and be better voters for it. have results and d thth kind of look like poll results. we can talk about them and we can say something itnerestsing about them. seeing that process gives them a sense of accomplishsment andnd a sense of pride in the work that we've done.have a nice day -- bye! this group had the race being pretty tig between dr. ben carson and donald trump --
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with hillary clinton in the lead on the other side.that accurately reflects what the most recent professional polls are saying too -- including carson's take over. coming u` next...we take a break from candidate interviewswsthis week to get a different look at one of the most successful campaigns so far.we sit down with clinton
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next -- on iowa in focus. welcome back to iowa in focus. today we;re sitting down with john podesta the chairman of the hillary 2016 campaign. thanks for joining us. us.thanks for having me mewhat is different about 2016 from 2008 -- what was there to learn from watching that from the outside. saw that from the very you saw that you saw that from the very first dayof this campaign when she jumped into
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that this was going to be a campaign built from the ground up listening to iowan, understading what was keeping htem up at night. we have built out very extensive organization. we're veyr pleased about we're veyr organization. extensive organization. we're veyr pleased about the status of the campaign right now. this is a place, caucuses are a means to show that organization reallycounts reallycountswhat do you see about hillary that makes her ready y be potus, how is she different from bill? bill?i think every presidnet is different. i worked for president obama in the white house as his counselor. every president is different. one think i always knew is when they closed the door in the
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oval office is they knew who they were fighting for. they knew what they were trying to accomplish. i think you see that with hillary. she had lifetime of fighting for families, women and children. that's why i left the white house to help her succeed. succeed. there was this time in the jj dinner and the crowd knew where she wagoing with the payoff line? what's it like to have people finishing parts to have people what's it like to have people finishing parts of her speech for her? her?i think it's a way for building excement, building
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the fact that she'd be the first woman president. that's an issue when poeple are making a decision about what about tim.e tim.e about tim.e tim.ethetable. it's brings to thetable. it's about tim.e tim.eafter a strong debate, and benghazi hearings is there momentumum for hte camapign camapignmomentum for there momentum for hte camapign camapign i thinkwe're still taking these early states, we're fighting for every vote here. i think people though did get to see pepele though here. i
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think every vote here. i think people though did get to see her in a way that they hadn't before this series of events, the debate, the benghazi hearings the jj dinner, as someone who can really deliver the goods to put out ideas for an optomisitc future and has the credibility, skill and track record to get stuff ne. we're feeling good about where the race is today but i've been in politics long enough toknow that today is another day. you have to keep your nose to the grindstone that's why wee doing so much work here in iowa to build out the support network with staff that continues to contact voters all across the state. we're across the voters all
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state. we're feeling good about where we are. after the break -- we focus on the republicans.see exactly how dividied speakekeryan's g-o-p is -- and some of the
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take up in the next few weeks. back.this is the real story -- we're going to take the time to give context to some of the events that will go on during the 16 race for the white house.sometimes we'll have to go back a few days -- - eks or months -- or even years that are still relevant. we find out today -- the republican house that speaker ryan is taking over is heavily spt. the republican party that speaker ryan will oversee is one that's clearly fractured -- with three main groups. groups.the tuesday group is about 50 republicans strong -- and they're considered the most moderate -- saying that they have an obligati to govern and deliver results. slightly more conservative than the tuesday group isishe republican study committee. this is a bigger group -- about 172 strong -- that's considered to be a mainstream brand of conservatism.a third
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group is the freedom caucus -- made up of about 40 very conservative members -- especially on fiscal issues. this is the one that's been giving speaker boehner and other republicans headaches -- and it's the group that iowa's first district reprentative rod blum is a member was largely evolved from tea party ideals.thth've said it would be better to shutdown the government than pass a spending bill they don't agree with -- and was the only group that threatened not totoack paul ryan for eaker. "he said, listen, the demands that may be impossible for the congres to reach, he clearly doesn't want to do the job and wants to be drafted and here' s the list of demands. but i want a spspker that serves the membership not the other way around. it wasn't always like this.coe college political science professor bruce nesmith says it all started back in the 196s. 1990's.he says that's when the disagreements within the republblan party and congress in general gradually became more about ideology.when differences have to do with things like how much money to
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spend -- compromiseand middle ground is often just a matter of math -- or giving up one issue totoain ground on's different for when "moral issues" come into play like abortion -- or gay marriage.those two actions are either legal orhey're not -- so there's less room to negotiate. what are your issues? are they issues where we're concerned about government performance or are they issues where we're concerned about taking a stand and those are two different parts. that kind of approach -- nesmith says -- has manifested itself in other issues too -- like budget negotiations and regular congessional business. business.the 2010 midterm election ushered in a wavevef "tea party" candidates.they ran on the premise that they would overhaul taxes -- health care and spending -- even if it meant going against their own party.recently -- members who hold similar points of f view -- - re at least partially responsible for john boehner stepping down and kevin mccarthy taking his name out of the running for speaker. bujust about two years ago -
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approach partially led to the government being shut down when a deal couldn't be reached.senator chuck grassley says it's a bad idea for everyone. "if you saved a lot of money by shutng down government, people would support the effort. but we've learned through the 1995 shutdown, 2013 shutdown that it doesn't save any money. a better way money. eaker ryan might enjnj a bit of a honeymoon pepeod for now -- but he's still in a tough spot.republicans control both chambers of congress -- but they don't have a fillibuster proof majority in the senate and theyon't have a veto- proof majority from both chambers.on t t of that -- ryan still has to deal with what some representatives have said are up to 50 members of congress who would rather stand up f/r a cause --o matter what the cost. coming up next...we look at cial media to see what you have to say about paul ryan coming the next speaker of the house -- and what some of the representatives he'll he overseeing have to s about
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welcome back -- we'll close the show each week taking a look at what happened on social media... media...we checked in to see what you guys thought about paul ryan being nominated by the republicans to be the next speaker of the house. house.mary agrees with thehe move -- she says: "yes, he is the right man." man."joel isn't quite on board. he says, "get rid of one and get another that does more damage to our country than good... not for the people but for his corp buddies." ddies."i tweeted out a part of speaker paul's speech -- and suze tweeted back "rep's are elected to think, do best, for all people." now -- we look at their voice -- what the candidates d their campaigns are posting on social media. media.we're taking a look at what politicians are saying on twitter about the new speaker. speaker.paul ryan himself put up two pictures -- the first one taken by house majority whip steve scalise with the caption: "a new day" while he looks out on to the floor. floor.the second one -- speaker ryan looking over what looks like the speech he gave in front of the house -- with "lets do this s #speakerryan"
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#speakerryan"house minority leader -- democrat nancy pelosi -- tweeted out the remarks she made wishing out- going speaker john boehner well -- and welcoming speaker ryan.she said: " for all our differences of perspectives argued so passionately on this floor, we are committed to being one nation." you n follow along on twitter and facebook all week long.see our interviews as we do them -- chime in with what you think -- send us your favorite pictures from events you go to.also -- now you can find all our content on our website -- go to either cbs 2 or fox 28 wa - dot - com and search for "iowa in focus." we'll have all our interviews, stories and other parts of the show uploaded there every week. ery week we'll end with the week ahead...'s a chance for you to see what different campaigns have scheduled -- and where you can see whichever candidate you want. want.rick santorum is in davenport monday at the scott county g-o-p breakfast before heading to a house party in marshalltown.on friday -- ted cruz is in des moines at the
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iowa events ceneter for the freedom 2015 conference.then the ek after that -- it's debate time again!the republicans face offffn november 10th in milwaukee. thanks for joining us.come back next week -- to get the clear facts...on iowa in focus
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